LOA Leaders criteriaHow did we find our favorite manifesting leaders?

LOA mavens from across the globe are invited to weigh in on their favorite authors, coaches, and bloggers in the LOA world.  We rely on you to find and spotlight those who are leading the way in the art of conscious creation.

Their criteria for voting includes candidates who:

  • show fearless leadership in manifesting skills (they walk their talk)
  • share impactful, effective content (they’re inspiring to tune into)
  • possess original, unique style of delivery (their work stands out in a crowd)
  • create vibrational resonance with material (it’s high vibing stuff!)
  • are in alignment with core deliberate creation principles (it’s thoroughly LOA work)
  • show committed support of the LOA community (they lavish love on their LOA peeps!)
  • and other factors prioritized by individual judges (they decide what matters most).

Rather than operating as a popularity contest, these awards are delivered based on factors including compiled audience votes and select panel member nominations.  (All we ask: don’t vote for yourself and only vote once.)

Panel nominations are combined with audience votes to issue annual awards in several categories, including book, coach, blog, speaker/channeler, and program.

Anyone immersed in the world of deliberate creation can vote for award recipients.