2015 LOA Leaders

2Congratulations to our Top Voted Leaders for 2015:

FinalBest LOA Blog:

Manifesting and Law of Attraction by Hemal Radia
Beth and Lee’s Blog by Beth and Lee
Lucky Lady 711 by Kathleen Miller



Final-Logo copyBest LOA Coach:

Rita Hurry, Law of Attraction Coach
Andrea Conway, Law of Attraction Coach
Melody Fletcher, Energy Coach



Final-Logo copyBest LOA Book:

E Cubed by Pam Grout, Pam Grout
A Perception of Reality, Gary Bodley
The Millionaire Course, Marc Allen



FinalBest LOA Program:

Manifesting Manual, Jafree Ozwald
The Parlour, Jacqueline Gates
Money Money Money, Cassie Parks



LOA Leaders Speaker 2015Best LOA Channeler/Speaker:

Abraham, Esther Hicks
The Teachings of Joshua, Gary Bodley
The Founders, Daniel Scranton

One thought on “2015 LOA Leaders

  1. Mary Vieira

    Last year a friend recommended me book from a Portuguese author about this subject. My parents are Brazilian but I’ve lived all my life in America. Even not being fluent on the language I gave it a try. And “oh my God” the book is simply amazing! I’ve read it about 15 times and my life fully transformed in just 6 month. I was not new to the subject but I felt there was a “missing piece”. This book gave me that piece and I know it unlocked my full potential. This month the author released the English version and now I can read it more easily.

    I recommend it to all the readers: “Limitless – The Guide To Attract Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance” – Luis Alves | It’s available on Google Play, iBooks and Amazon.


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