2014 LOA Leaders

Congratulations to our Top Voted Leaders for 2014:

Best Law of Attraction Blog 2014, LOA Leaders AwardBest LOA Blog:

DeliberateBlog.com by Melody Fletcher
PamGrout.com by Pam Grout
AffirmingSpirit.com by Nancy Barry-Jansson



Best Law of Attraction Coach, LOA Leaders 2014Best LOA Coach:

Eva Gregory, Divine Guidance Coach
Kate Corbin, Gold Star Coaching
Matt O’Grady, LOA Business Coach



Best Law of Attraction Book, LOA Leaders 2014Best LOA Book:

Choosing Easy World, Julia Rogers Hamrick
The Magical Path, Marc Allen
Mastering Your Everyday Superpower, Janette Dalgliesh



Best Law of Attraction Program, LOA Leaders 2014Best LOA Program:

Angelic Abundance Activator, Sage Kingsley-Goddard
Money Money Money, Cassie Parks
Profit Quest, Jeanna Gabellini



Best Law of Attraction Speaker/Channeller, LOA Leaders 2014Best LOA Speaker/Channeler:

Abraham by Esther Hicks
Eloheim by Veronica Torres
Communion of Light by Frank Butterfield


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