2013 LOA Leaders

Congratulations to our Top Voted Leaders:

LOA Leaders best LOA Blog 2013Best LOA Blog:

DailyAlchemy.com by Michelle Dobbins
AnneBolender.com by Anne Bolender
DeliberateBlog.com by Melody Fletcher
AttractaLife.com by Linda Ford
SharonBallantine.com by Sharon Ballantine


LOA Leaders best LOA Coach 2013Best LOA Coach:

Eva Gregory, Divine Guidance Coach
Cassie Parks, Shift Your Life Coach
Jafree Ozwald, Enlightened Beings
Lisa Hayes, Relationship Coach
Drew Rozell, Very Cool Life


LOA Leaders best LOA Book 2013Best LOA Book:

E Squared, Pam Grout
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Joe Dispenza
Your Everyday Superpower, Janette Dalgliesh
Manifesting from the Inside Out, Kate Corbin
The Map, Boni Lonnsburry


LOA Leaders best LOA Program 2013Best LOA Program:

Spinning Straw into Gold, Communion of Light
Radical Re-Labeling, Goddess Jacqui
Body Love Boot Camp, Lisa Hayes
Profit Quest, Jeanna Gabellini