Award Recipients

Your 2016 Top Voted Leaders:

LOA Leaders Blog Best LOA Blog:

Raise Your Vibration Today by Andrea Schulman
The Heart of Manifesting by Sarah Prout
Law of Attraction by Joe Vitale



LOA Leaders CoachBest LOA Coach:

Cindie Chavez, Love & Magic Coach
Janette Dalgliesh, Identity Shift Ninja
Nancy Barry-Jansson, Affirming Spirit



LOA Leaders BookBest LOA Book:

Hustle Believe Receive, by Sarah Centrella
Getting Into Manifestation Zone, by Richard Dotts
Score Your Soulmate, by Lisa M Hayes



LOA Leaders ProgramBest LOA Program:

30 Day Joy Challenge, Amina Makhdoom
Flowdreaming, Summer McStravick
Intention Masterclass, Lynne McTaggart



LOA Leaders SpeakerBest LOA Speaker/Channeler:

Abraham by Esther Hicks
Joshua by Gary Bodley
Communion of Light by Frank Butterfield